Edge Security Firmware Upgrade

Thursday, 23 May 2 hours

Location: Magna5 Datacenters (WPA & VA)

Customer Impact: During the High Availability (HA) failover process, as system upgrades are underway, customers might notice brief periods of latency and occasional packet loss. Users of FortiClient SSL VPN might also find their connections interrupted, requiring reconnection.

Reason for Change: We will be performing a firmware upgrades on all firewalls. Completing these changes will allow Magna5 to continue to provide the best possible connectivity to our services.

If you experience any issues after the maintenance, please contact customer support at 1-844-465-4867 or support@magna5.com. Thank you for your continued business and support.

Affected components
  • Monitoring Platforms
  • Cloud Hosting
    • WPA Datacenter
    • VA Datacenter
  • SD-WAN
    • VCO124
    • VCO160